Patrick Hogan for Marlborough Mayor

MARLBOROUGH – The race for Marlborough mayor has grown larger.

On Wednesday, June 21, Patrick Hogan pulled nomination papers to become the fourth candidate in the race to succeed the retiring Arthur Vigeant.

His papers are now returned and certified so joins J. Christian Dumais, Samantha Perlman and Michael Baker.

Hogan is a lifelong resident of the city and a retired police officer. He has organized the William Kirby Road Race for 20 years, as well as the MPD block party that raises funds for local charities.

“With deep roots in Marlborough and a passion for public service, I have always been a dedicated advocate for the betterment of our fair city. After extensive discussions with my family, expectant wife, and close friends, I am proud to announce my decision to run for mayor,” said Hogan in a candidate statement released on social media.

In his statement, Hogan said his vision for the city revolved around “sustainable growth and a revitalized community.”

The key areas of his focus include infrastructure and road repair, downtown revitalization, responsible growth, innovative and compassionate solutions to homelessness and panhandling and public safety enhancements.

“As I embark on my campaign to become the next Mayor of Marlborough, I wholeheartedly welcome the support and engagement of my fellow residents. Together, I believe we can shape a prosperous and inclusive future for Marlborough, one that cherishes its history while embracing progress and innovation. Together we succeed. Juntos Conseguimos. Juntos lo logramos,” he said.

If your interested in joining Patrick’s campaign, volunteering or donating may call or text 774-245-1325.

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